Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mari Mami Or Me

Hi everybody, Firstly I would like to say that this site rocks. I am a very big fan of this site and I see to it that I don’t miss any story of this site and check it every day, that’s the first thing I do every morning before office. Introducing myself, my name is Nitin, I am a 35 year guy from Pune good looking.

A decent enough physique and looks that anyone would surely give a second look if not drool. This story is about me and my Mami. Had many sexual experiences with my girlfriends and friends also, wherein we had a no strings attached relationship, but this one which I am going to narrate is one of the best.

This thing started when it was the marriage function of my cousin sister. Being a Thane, in our religion the marriage function goes on for 3-4 days and we have a blast in that time. Sangeeta name changed to protect identity) was my Mama s wife. Mami has a very pretty face and not joking Mami is a little on the healthier side but not fat.

Good shaped boobs, a nice body and always smells good. Mami was very jolly by nature and always dancing and joking around, so that is how we got along with each other and became good friends in a short time. We started talking on the phone and slowly we became very good friends and became very close.

We used to share our day happenings with each other and talk to each other whenever we had the time. One day I was near the S.T. Stand for some work when I saw her there. I called out to her and Mami was quite happy to see me as after the marriage we met like this for the first time. I asked her to sit in the car and I will drop her on the way we started talking about her family life.

Mami was upset due to some problems with her husband and was not happy at that time. I tried to console her like a good friend and hugged her. We stopped the car in a decent enough spot and hugged her again that time. Mami was crying in my arms. I was stroking her hair and was trying to console her, when Mami just said please never leave me and be good friends with me like this.

I don’t know why, but out of concern, I just kissed her forehead and said don’t worry, I will always be there. I had no intentions that time but after this Mami kissed me on the cheeks and in no time, we were in a good lip lock. Her saliva tasted awesome and the way Mami moved her tongue in my mouth was awesome. 

The way Mami touched each and every part of my mouth was very good. I was all hard and suddenly, I had an idea. I told her that lets go home to my place as no one was there. It was just 15 minutes away Mami checked her watch, called up her home and then said a yes. We reached home and had some refreshments and again sat on the couch in my house.

Again we hugged and started kissing each other Mami did not have sex with her husband since a long time, which Mami told me later. I kissed her on her eyes, her forehead, how cheeks and her lips. I sucked each lip one by one and played with her tongue for a long time and then I went to her ears, Mami let out a soft moan aaaaaahhhhhh. I played with her ears for some time.

Nibbled them, let some air in them and played with my tongue in her ears. mami was really enjoying it. In the heat of the moment Mami just held my dick from above my jeans and squeezed it. I stopped her and told her and that be patient. Let’s enjoy this and mami was wearing jeans and a kurta. I slowly raised her kurta above her head and removed them. mami was wearing a nice black color bra and I loved to see it.

I was looking awesome, the way it was trying to hold back the big boobs from falling out of them. I slowly removed her bra and then started circling her boobs. I circled both of them with my tongue and at the same time ticking her nipples a little bit with my tongue every now and then I took her nipples in my mouth and sucked them like crazy. Mami went crazy and started moaning loudly.

I started sucking them really hard and it was good. I slowly made her lie down and remover her jeans also. Mami was wearing a pink color panty which had already become wet due to her juices. I kissed her vagina above her panty and Mami moaned aahhhhhhhhh. Mami was swinging her head from side to side with this pleasure.

I remover her panty and smelled the feminine juices which were coming out. I licked her clit with my tongue and could feel an electric shock thru her body. Oh her juices tasted so awesome. They awere so sweet and I started playing with her clit and ran my tongue thru the whole length of her vagina and started it as deep as I could in her love hole.

I think Mami must have come at least 3 times in this process then Mami made me lie down and removed my boxers. Mami started licking my chest and bit my nipples. Then we started licking each other body all the way from the toes to the lips. Trust me guys, having ur toes licked is awesome and it feels really good.

Mami started concentrating on my dick. It was all erect at 8” and quite thick. Mami started playing with it and licking it from the top to bottom. Mami took it in her mouth and what a blowjob. Mami started sucking it really hard and fast. It between Mami used to stop at the tip of my dick and used to flick her tongue on the head of my dick.

That was feeling so good, I was just about to come and told her that. I thought Mami would remove the dick from her mouth , but instead of that Mami started giving me a deep throat and took it fully in. Mami felt like throwing up but Mami held it and I came. I never stopped and kept on releasing loads after loads in her mouth.

We stopped and I was still erect [ I was also surprised at this]. I made her lie down and inserted in her love hole real slow. Slowly I started increasing the pace of my thrusts and puMamid in real deep. Mami was moaning real loud and for the first time, after experiencing her hot and wet hole, I too started moaning and thrusting real hard and fast.

We started sweating but kept going on with each thrust the best part was the way Mami was thrusting her hips upwards to take my dick more inside. We changed positions and I took her doggy style. I kept on ramming her pussy real hard and fast and in between just to tease her.

I used to stop and make it slow and smooth and Mami used to yes out saying fuck you bastard, increase your speed and do it faster and I was just about to come. I laughed at this and started thrusting again harder. Mami went crazy with this teasing of mine and loved each and every moment of it.

I was spanking her big butts at the same time and they went all red with my spanking trust me guys it was awesome. If I with Mamid, I would have loved to go on like that for the whole night then, for my favourite position, Mami came on top and started thrusting and jumping on my dick. My dick was like an iron rod and real hard and all erect.

So Mami did not face any problems like it slipping out again and again. Mami was jumping on my dick and I could feel and see her juices continuously flowing out of her pussy and flowing on my thighs and ass. I held her and started pumping from below also. Mami went crazy with this power and had the most awesome orgasm ever as Mami yelled and help me.

I kept going and going and kept thrusting and at last came in her. Just kept releasing loads and loads of my cum in her vagina. The mixture of her juices and mine, made her vagina so hot that I loved the felling. It was keeping your dick in a hot furnace. We got dressed and left after that on the way back.

I offered to drop her home and as my fees got another blowjob while driving it’s was a dream come true to have a blowjob taken while driving. I always requested my girlfriend for this but Mami never agreed but this was my lucky day. I had more escapades with her and also one of her married unsatisfied friends. I will tell you later about that, after I receive some good responses for this story and waiting for your comments and females please contact me